Saturday, 26 May 2012

Climate Change and 2012

There are so much rumors that 2012 is going to be the last year of earth and all the man kind will suffer from a massive destruction and some part of the earth will be safe from where the next generation will come. Well all of this must not be true but some facts can not be denied. No doubt, violent storms and earth quakes are seen to an abnormal level in the last decade. The earth quake of China killing 200,000 people, earth quake of Pakistan killing 120,000 people, Sunami waves killed 300,000 people and now in Japan the figures are again in hundreds of thousands. The similarity of these violent events is also seen in Haiti where the whole capital was demolished by the earth quake.

Next come to the first world countries like New Zealand and USA, the hurricane Katrina and other tornado attacks had shaken the world’s super power. Likewise, in New Zealand one of the most peaceful countries horrible earth quake struck thanks to the excellent work of architect engineers that very less damage was reported. But the danger is still on our head. Don’t forget the floods that hit every year in different countries like Pakistan, Japan, India and Saudi Arabia. From violent storms to the deadly earth quakes all the things are interconnected to the climate change. Yes our earth is going towards the edge of destruction. Don’t be surprise to listen to this that humans are the ones who are doing this to them selves. Climate change causes are quite simple and we all know that.

The world’s big economies like America, China, Russia and other super powers are no more in the verge of nature. They are crossing the lines that nature has made, such as building more factories and homes in the forest area ultimately reducing the greenery of our planet, producing weapons of mass destruction with unlimited fire power and putting the industrial waste in to the sea water. All of these acts are inhuman, it is reported by the Pakistani media that after the first Iraq war when US bombed the whole Iraq and their naval bases in the Arabian sea, a rain of dark water from the black smoke filled clouds was seen on the beach of the city Karachi in Pakistan. The smoke of the bombs had dissolved in the atmosphere in the form of black colored clouds. The rain lasted for a week.

All of these impacts of climate change are the signs of the negative things that we are doing to our earth. We humans are actually developing weapons of self destruction like the nuclear bomb, Hydrogen bomb and now Neutron bomb that is not tested yet by the USA. We feel proud to have such weapons but we don’t realize that how much they can hurt our earth and in general us. We are now in the middle of the year 2012 let’s see what are going to be climate change effects in the last quarter of year.

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  1. Your points are somewhat valid but what you mean by future impacts of climate change?